1. Piano Cloud Series - Volume Two

  2. Piano Cloud Series - Volume One

  3. Keys

  4. Selene (Music for Contemporary Dance)
    Lucy Claire

  5. Kaskelot + Remixes
    Tobias Hellkvist

  6. Kaskelot 1
    Tobias Hellkvist

  7. Turquoise Threads

  8. Selected Works
    Takahiro Kido

  9. Glass Slopes
    Sophie Kazandjian

  10. The Passenger
    Sophie Kazandjian

  11. It is the Shelter of each other that we live

  12. Suite of Dreams
    Gabriela Parra

  13. Solo Piano Works - Volume One
    Egor Grushin

  14. Preface
    Simeon Walker

  15. Selected Works
    Bruno Bavota

  16. Selected Works
    The Bird's Companion

  17. 8
    JP Hartnett

  18. Her Name In A Language Of Stars
    Endless Melancholy

  19. The Prelude To
    Pleq & Giulio Aldinucci

  20. Innerfin
    Marco Caricola

  21. The Grunewald Church Session

  22. Autumn Alive
    Richard Schrieber

  23. Sketches, Outtakes & Rarities - Volume Two
    Library Tapes

  24. Escapism
    Library Tapes

  25. Docile
    Peter Broderick

  26. The Spin
    Greg Haines

  27. For Those in Peril
    Erik Enocksson

  28. Six Cognitive Works
    Kyle Bobby Dunn

  29. Hotell
    Andreas Söderström & Johan Berthling

  30. 30 grader i februari
    Andreas Söderström & Johan Berthling

  31. Hälsningar från skogen

  32. Folkvang

  33. Another Past
    Roberto Attanasio

  34. Futuralgia
    Nil Ciuró

  35. A Closed Dialogue
    Stray Ghost

  36. To Make Ends Meet
    Stray Ghost

  37. Lament - Music for Irene Inness
    Stray Ghost

  38. October Songs
    Stray Ghost

  39. So Much To Remember, So Much To Forget
    Stray Ghost

  40. Mały Wilk
    Stray Ghost

  41. Those Who Know Darkness, See The Light
    Stray Ghost

  42. Nothing, But Death
    Stray Ghost

  43. Mono No Aware
    Stray Ghost

  44. An Avalanche of Swollen Tongues
    Stray Ghost

  45. Tramuntana
    Alex Lucas & Olan Mill

    Julien Marchal

  47. The Poet
    Bruno Sanfilippo

  48. Solo Piano Works - Volume One
    Richard Schrieber

  49. Flow
    Ex confusion

  50. Within
    Noémi Bolojan

  51. Unhinged
    Mike Lazarev

  52. Fixations
    Theo Alexander

  53. Subtle And Closer
    Endless Melancholy

  54. Bloom
    Jacob Pavek

  55. Tölt
    Flying Hórses

  56. Forgotten Postcards
    Luke Howard

  57. Collected
    Matt Stewart-Evans

  58. In The Wake
    Sophie Hutchings

  59. Farewell Waltz
    Nino Keller

  60. Buddhists
    Akira Kosemura

  61. Paths
    Olan Mill

  62. Land Cycle
    Olan Mill

  63. Mountains
    Sten Erland Hermundstad

  64. Alex Kozobolis
    Alex Kozobolis

  65. Tape Sketches
    Paddy Mulcahy

  66. Sönghellir
    Cave In The Sky

  67. A New Dawn
    Andreas Söderström & Johan Berthling Feat. Little Childen

  68. My Piano is Broken
    Anna Rose Carter & Pleq

  69. Don't forget everything
    JP Hartnett

  70. Start as close to the end as possible
    JP Hartnett

  71. The halo present
    JP Hartnett

  72. A Quiet Recollection
    Endless Melancholy

  73. White Light
    Sophie Hutchings

  74. Iskra Remixes
    Iskra String Quartet

  75. ISKRA
    Iskra String Quartet


1631 Recordings Sweden

1631 Recordings was established in the summer of 2015 by Mattias Nilsson and David Wenngren
Both Mattias and David are well respected names in the world of contemporary classical and experimental music. Mattias started his own label Kning Disk in 2005 and David have been making critically acclaimed music for more than a decade, most notably with his project Library Tapes. ... more

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